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Are you looking for a way to collaborate more effectively with your team in Unity? Tired of the lack of built-in support for teams? Then you need Cahoots!

Cahoots is an advanced scene management system that expands the Unity editor to enable teams to work efficiently together. It is designed to complement your source control solution and allow team members to work on the same levels without conflict.



  • Enables teams to collaborate together on scenes in Unity without conflict.
  • Levels (scenes) can be split up in to multiple layers.
  • Exclusively check out layers to enable conflict-free collaboration on levels.
  • Seamless integration with Unity – no real change in workflow and no need to add scripts to scenes.
  • Designed to complement source control – Makes sure that team members have the latest revision of a layer before they can checkout and modify it.
  • Toggle layer visibility in the Scene view to view only the parts of the level you are interested in.
  • Play the level as usual in the editor regardless of whether or not you have any layers checked out.
  • Bake levels in to a single scene for builds.
  • Custom window to control Cahoots management.
  • Intuitive to use.
  • Clean, well-documented code.
  • Extensive documentation.



Working with Cahoots is intuitive to you as a Unity user. There are no annoying scripts to attach to scenes and no unusual steps to get things to work. Cahoots is designed to feel like a native extension to the Unity editor.



Cahoots Standard

Single-seat license can be purchased for $60 through the Asset Store, or directly through PayPal.

  • Comes with full and documented source code.

Cahoots Professional

Single-seat license can be purchased for $120 and comes with access to the Cahoots Git repository which provides you access to all the latest features and updates weeks before they are available on the Unity Asset Store. The repository has full history.

  • Comes with full and documented source code.
  • Access to the private Cahoots Git repository.
  • Access to the latest beta releases.
  • Access to all revision history and commits.
  • Provides a way to merge in your own changes.
  • Required if your company needs an explicit invoice.
  • Recommended for the lead developer to have a Professional license, with the rest of the team on Standard licenses.

Cahoots Site License

Multi-seat license covering unlimited developers in a single studio can be purchased for $1200. This is equivalent to 1 Professional license and 18 standard licenses. It comes with all the perks of the Professional license with full access to the Cahoots Git repository.

  • All the benefits of the Professional and Standard license.
  • Provides access for an unlimited number of developers at the studio.



  • Unity 5.3 or higher.
  • Compatible with PC/Mac.

Additional Details

  • Currently requires a minimum
  • You can upgrade licenses at any time by paying the difference.
  • If your company requires an explicit invoice you will need the Professional or Site license.
  • If choosing PayPal you will automatically be sent download instructions.
  • Once you download Cahoots you will no longer be eligible for any kind of refund. This is because Cahoots is provided as full source code and can’t simply be returned. Please think carefully before you license Cahoots.

If you have any issues, queries or concerns please get in touch.